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You wouldn't know it but all baseball really is, is just some simple principles of physics.  Because of Physics we know how pitchers can throw a curve ball or other types of pitches.  We see how a hitter can actually hit a baseball and what affects the flight path of the ball.  

Physics of Hitting

How Pitchers Throw Different Types of Pitches
         Pitches such as the fast ball, curve ball, slider, and change-up.  

How You Are Able to Hit a Baseball

Flight Pattern of a Hit Baseball

"Sweet Spot" of the Bat

Why a Baseball Thrown Has High Velocity and Distance

Fun Interactive Baseball Games

Physics of Hitting a Baseball   |   How Do Pitchers Throw Different Types of Pitches?   |   Reaction Time   |   After Hitting the Baseball   |   "Sweet Spot"   |   Physics of Throwing a Baseball   |   Conclusion   |   Bibliography   |   Interactive Baseball Games