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How Pitcher Throw Different Types of Pitches

  1.) These articles showed that there is more behind the game of baseball than most people think.  It isn't just about throwing the ball and having someone hit it with a bat.  There is complex physics involved.  I didn't know anything about Magnus force or what caused a curve ball to curve.  
       2.) Baseball is America's favorite pastime.  The studies that are being done on the physics involved in baseball can greatly help the players and thus create a better sport for people like you to go out and watch.  Baseball is a large part of our society, just like any other sport.  And the knowledge of the physics involved can help make it a better sport.  

Reaction Time
1.)  These articles made me realize that a batter doesn't have much time at all when at the plate.  Also that when you really look at it, the game of baseball can change in the matter of four tenths of a second.  

2.) This could be utilized by the players if they study the pitcher and see if he gives certain hints that could give away what type of pitch he is throwing such as facial expression of body movement.  This would allow them more time to begin the swing and concentrate more on where the ball might end up instead of what type of pitch is coming.  

After Hitting the Baseball
1.)  Physics is all around you.  Anywhere you go, physics is present.  Baseball is a good example.  I learned the physical concepts behind the game.

2.)  It is being utilized in the game of baseball.  Professional baseball players have a well understanding of the different physics concepts behind the game because it makes them better players.  

Sweet Spot

 What new ideas did these articles teach me about this physics & society topic?
       In class we learned that all energy is conserved, it is not lost nor gained but transferred to other forms.  When looking at the sweet spot of a baseball bat, it becomes more evident that energy is just changed to other forms.  One form that energy is changed to when the ball hits the bat is vibrational energy.  Another form the energy is changed into is wave energy.  These two forms of energy are new to me and I never though of vibrations as a form of energy.

  How could this physical science be utilized by today's society? How could this affect society?
      This physical science could be utilized by athletes.  While many athletes already know how to sing a baseball, the information could be utilized to make better bats that have a larger sweet spot and also break less.  Society in general could benefit because almost all things are flexible and thus have waves and vibrations.  This information could be used to make roads and bridges sturdier.

Physics of Throwing

These articles taught me new things about what make a baseball do what it does in
the air.  I knew it had to do with the spin of the ball but I did not know the exact reason
it did this.  These articles showed me what made a baseball curve or move in
different directions.

This physical science can be used today by baseball players and people who want
 to play baseball.  With a better understanding of how the physics of baseball work,
 a player can utilize his talent and knowledge of the game to become a better player.

Physics of Hitting a Baseball

-What new ideas did these articles teach me about this physics & society topic?
     After reading the articles about physics involved in baseball, I became more familiar with the game.  I was able to take the physics terms explained in the articles and use them to get an idea on how the game is played.  The physics techniques used in the game of baseball were helpful because I was able to relate these terms to the work that we have done in class.  Simple terms such as, momentum, velocity, and mass were used to explain how to properly hit a ball, what happens before and after a ball is hit, and how to find a the sweet spot on a bat when hitting the ball.  It was easier to take this topic and relate it to the physics world because I had a chance to explain the terms that involve breaking down the basics of the game.

-How could this physical science be utilized by today's society? How could this affect society?
     This physical science could benefit society in numerous ways.  For those who want more of an understanding of the way that physical science is related to sports, in general, they could read and receive more information on the topic.  Although the topic of baseball involves only the sports aspect of physics it could benefit sports fans who are interested in learning more about the proper terms used in the game.  They would be able to know the reason why a ball's force is important and why momentum and velocity are also important.  Society in a whole would be affected by gaining more knowledge on a sport that is familiar to all.